Five-nation energy event launched

The BRICS Energy and Green Economy Working Group, together with the South African National Energy Association (SANEA), will host an Energy Event at the offices of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), 19 Fredman Drive, Sandton, Johannesburg on 24 July 2018.

The event is aimed at bringing together energy experts, energy companies, investors, government officials, NGOs and academics from BRICS countries and other African countries. The event will provide a platform for debate and innovation and be an opportunity for investors and project developers to network and move energy projects forward.

South Africa, which recently took over the rotating chairmanship of BRICS from China, will be responsible for hosting the BRICS Summit, the BRICS Business Forum and the BRICS Business Council Annual Meeting 2018, as well as coordinating numerous BRICS Business Council related activities.

In July 2018, the SA BRICS Business Council will host its Annual Meeting, with guests from all five of the BRICS Business Councils, and from developing countries, with a strong focus on Africa. An attendance of 450 business leaders from these countries, is anticipated.

This is particularly significant as it is only the second time that South Africa is hosting BRICS, the last time being when the BRICS Business Council was launched at the Summit in 2013 in Durban. It was here that the idea of a “BRICS” Bank to fund development within BRICS and developing countries was first proposed. The New Development Bank (NDB) was launched two years thereafter and the NDB African Regional Centre was established in Gauteng in 2017. This is a notable achievement.

South Africa is immensely honoured to have this opportunity to showcase the work of the BRICS Business Council to the world, whose eyes will be focused on it during its tenure. Expectations of excellent delivery are high and council is determined to put its best foot forward to demonstrate South Africa at its finest.

BRICS entered into its second decade last year and has emerged as an influential, global multi-lateral platform since its establishment in June 2006. South Africa joined BRICS in 2010 at the fifth BRICS Summit. BRICS is one of the major fundamentals of South Africa’s foreign policy and its chairmanship in 2018 affords the opportunity for the South African and African agenda to be foregrounded on the BRICS agenda.

Central to the BRICS philosophy is the notion that the world is a multi-polar universe, and engagement between countries should be based on mutual cooperation. The principle is that no single power should dominate the global economic and political agenda. Another guiding principle is that dialogue, not war, is the appropriate mechanism to deal with the world’s many conflicts and challenges. Any country that shares this philosophical principle is welcome to engage with BRICS.

On a practical level, BRICS is a force to be reckoned with, as 40% of the world’s population live in the BRICS countries. In economic terms they account for approximately 30% of global GDP, which is projected to surpass the size of the G-7 economies by mid-century.

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