Five point plan for solar industrialisation

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) has announced a bold 5-point plan for the solar PV industry to drive industrialisation, create jobs, and contribute to economic growth. The five points include working with government to build 1500 MW of PV per annum, to facilitate the creation of South African solar IPPs and SME’s, to deliver 55 000 new local jobs in the industry by 2025, to champion the implementation of solar PV in the Renewable Energy  Development Zones, mining areas that are in decline, and Special Economic Zones in order to drive industrialisation, and to launch the Solar Industry Development Plan and Energy Transition Programme, in consultation with Labour, Government and Civil Society within the next six months. Government needs to create an enabling environment and commit to a firm, consistent roll-out of renewable energy; actively partner with the solar sector; and build a long-term winning partnership with the broader renewable energy industry for the benefit of South Africa and its people.

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