For grid services and virtual power plants

SolarEdge is launching an innovative solution for grid services and virtual power plants, to support a shared energy economy. The company’s grid services offer aggregative control and data reporting enabling the pooling of PV and storage in the cloud for the creation of virtual power plants. The solution will provide utilities with the tools to leverage distributed energy generation systems to more efficiently meet demand; energy retailers will enjoy protection from price peaks; and PV system owners can increase their revenue by joining this new energy economy. This solution will help to resolve a variety of complex energy issues (such as generation shortages, transmission bottlenecks, energy arbitrage, and frequency imbalances), thus reducing the need to invest in additional and expensive infrastructure. It will also provide energy retailers with protection against price peaks by facilitating access to stored energy. As PV markets evolve from feed-in tariffs to net-metering and finally to self-consumption, the grid services will provide homeowners with the opportunity to maximise self-consumption and take advantage of time-of-use tariffs as a revenue stream.

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