Four new wind projects under construction

South Africa’s wind energy industry was under the spotlight recently at the 2018 Windaba in Cape Town. Among the key themes at this year’s event, the first event since the lifting of the REIPPPP impasse, was growing investment in the industry. In the recent Round 4 of the REIPPPP, Nordex was awarded four projects and an additional 547 MW of wind capacity, where 174, AW125 wind turbines will be installed on four wind farm sites. This will enable the company to double the number of local employees. The company will also have local concrete tower production facilities close to all of the sites. New wind turbines for the local market have been launched and installed. The company’s N149/4.0-4.5 is currently the on-shore wind turbine with the longest blade worldwide. The turbine is attractive for South African wind conditions, especially with a view to Round 5 of the REIPPPP.

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