Full-featured digital multimeter with data storage and Bluetooth

Major Tech has announced the imminent release of its MT1005 CAT IV 600 V high-tech digital multimeter. This heavy-duty, True RMS, industrial instrument with a large 50 000 count 320 x 240 TFT colour LCD display, offers fast A/D converting sampling time, high accuracy, built-in datalogging and trend capture features. The device can trace any interruptions of equipment and record events, memorise the data and transfer it via Bluetooth to a PC or a smartphone using the company’s proprietary Meterbox technology. The MT1005 offers all the usual measuring capabilities one would expect from a modern digital multimeter and then some: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency (up to 10 MHz), duty cycle, diode test, continuity and thermocouple temperature. The unit also boasts 10 kHz bandwidth (voltage/current), graph 100 data review and 4 – 20 mA process loop measurements with percentage reading.

Contact Werner Grobbelaar, Major Tech, Tel 011 872-5500, werner@major-tech.com



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