Fwd: Carbon Market Prices Update by February 28 – Report Carbon Trades Now to Ecosystem Marketplace

2021 was a historic, record-breaking year for the Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM). With 2021 trades reported by 102 of 176 EM Respondents through the end of October, Ecosystem Marketplace reported that the VCM had already exceeded $1 Bn <cnZcD04.na1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Btc/I3+113/cnZcD04/VW8w2363sjLtVWMyk_5wNLZcW26rJbN4D-RfxN7qyk_Z5knJZV3Zsc37CgG7lW5H7mn88j7hN8V44rNM5SR3gXW9hrsHF3StFRNW1K5THR9l0rZCW4mg8jg2g51QqN2MxCrD7xk8CN4Syr…> .

Report 2021 Full Year Transactions by Feb. 28. While this was the highest market value EM has ever recorded within a given calendar year since we started tracking the market in 2006, this number is expected to increase significantly as EM Respondents fully report 2021 trades.
*gCfj_BhHh73aWdWQ?e=bjg1hx <foresttrends.sharepoint.com/:x:/s/2021EMSOVCMInst1/EcwhkqWeIMtNqNOkM6WksfwBRvPUc8gCfj_BhHh73aWdWQ?e=bjg1hx>*

– We will first share findings to EM partners, supporters, and respondents during a private briefing. *Any respondent who reports 2021 trades will receive an invitation to this virtual session.* – Next, EM will co-host a public webinar with IETA’s ICROA. *Registration details to be distributed in the coming weeks.* – We aim to release an EM Insights Brief on updated 2021 Voluntary Carbon Markets transactions by the end of March. – In parallel, the ‘Respondents’ version of EM’s Data Intelligence & Analytics Dashboard <cnZcD04.na1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Btc/I3+113/cnZcD04/VW8w2363sjLtVWMyk_5wNLZcW26rJbN4D-RfxN7qyk_Z3lSbNV1-WJV7CgTN-W8tCFqz4q3P43W1W7lqs2yGY6nW8ZcpXX27q0NMW2PzNz47LtwY6W6C-wrL1G_g__N8bQ_r_b065zF9fB…> will be updated. – We are developing a number of new data partnerships to increase the value of reporting to Ecosystem Marketplace. For example, EM is now reporting a CORSIA-eligible Price Index <cnZcD04.na1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Btc/I3+113/cnZcD04/VW8w2363sjLtVWMyk_5wNLZcW26rJbN4D-RfxN7qyk_Z5knJZV3Zsc37CgT8-W8GfHgm3SDMzhW5_QcvZ5XQ-gCW70dYk1282VX1N6Yq1R07z2PxW5RWj-X71NBVlW4vRL3c7QvlYWVRjn…> to ICAO’s 190+ Member States and publicly to the ~4,500 unique users of EM’s Data Intelligence Dashboard. *Provide your organization’s CORSIA-eligible trade data by February 14**th** to make it into ICAO’s next CORSIA newsletter! *Also, EM will be contributing to the VCM section of the 2022 World Bank State and Trends of Carbon Pricing report <cnZcD04.na1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Btc/I3+113/cnZcD04/VW8w2363sjLtVWMyk_5wNLZcW26rJbN4D-RfxN7qyl0f3lSc3V1-WJV7CgKlCW1BxXcW3dktK2W8dJVlV3Tkrv6VX9Vb45HSV9SV5Tgr24mz1CLW8tMKy6574tJHVcf_9Z6GKG5tW2Nr0T…>.

We look forward to hearing from you. A member of the EM team will be following shortly to confirm receipt of this email and to offer any support. Please don’t hesitate to contact the support team at carbonsurvey@ecosystemmarketplace.com.

With kind regards,
Forest Trends Association, 1203 19th Street, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20036, United States, 202-298-3000
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