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*New estimates show rapid growth in the numbers of people using off-grid solar and other renewable power… Read more * AUCTIONS DRIVE RISE OF SOLAR PV IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA

*A series of auctions to procure solar and wind power allowed South Africa to join the top ten countries investing in renewables in 2015… Read more * CHANGE IS NEEDED. WILL THE WORLD ACT?

*Renewable energy needs to be scaled up at least six times faster for the world to start meeting the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement. However, emission trends are not yet on track… Read more * PAKISTAN TURNS TO RENEWABLES TO BOOST POWER GENERATION AND ENERGY ACCESS

*Pakistan, has responded positively to the global call to tackle climate change, ratifying the Paris Agreement in 2016. Renewable energy technologies, in this context, have come to the fore in national planning and policy-making… *

*A key challenge for bioenergy production from forest biomass is sourcing. Feedstock is needed consistently, in sufficient quantity, in one place… Read more *
Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition
This report, prepared jointly by IRENA, the IEA and REN21, identifies key barriers and highlights policy options to boost renewable energy deployment. It reviews current policies and targets worldwide, providing a comprehensive overview of policy measures to address challenges for renewables.
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Renewable Energy Prospects for the European Union
The latest regional REmap study, prepared in co-operation with the European Commission, identifies cost-effective renewable energy options for all EU Member States, spanning a wide range of sectors and technologies.
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Renewable Energy Market Analysis: Southeast Asia
Energy consumption in Southeast Asia has doubled in just over two decades. This regional market analysis examines the challenges of economic and population growth, the need to boost energy supply, and growing environmental and energy security concerns.
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Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017
The world’s installed capacity for geothermal power reached 12.7 gigawatts in 2016, with typical generation costs ranging between USD 1,870-5,050 per kilowatt. This technology brief provides technical background information, analyses market potential and barriers, and offers insights for policy makers on geothermal power generation.
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