Gas-powered industrial scale dust extractor

Dustcontrol UK will showcase the firm’s new DC Storm LPG, its powerful Tromb 400 extractors, the DC 2900 and DC 1800 eco vacuums and its DC Aircube cleaners at the upcoming Safety & Health Expo 2019 from 18 to 20 June in London. The innovative propane-driven DC Storm LPG came to market last year and can remove hazardous dust on an industrial scale. The Storm LPG is cyclone based, Hepa 13 filtered and built to application class H as standard for a no compromise approach to performance and dust containment. Lasting up to eight hours, the robust machine’s 15 kW motor has the capacity to manage dust extraction in conjunction with work involving large-scale concrete construction and brickwork projects. Operating without the use of cables, this dust extractor is ideal for environments with a limited supply of electricity.

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