Gas terminal built in Saldanha Bay

Sunrise Energy has established an open-access liquid petroleum gas (LPG) import and storage terminal in Saldanha Bay, which will enable the importation of LPG in large quantities. The construction of this terminal, including the five giant underground tanks, created 470 jobs and at present hosts 33 permanent employees. This R1,02-billion ($76-million) facility is intended to boost regional energy security and increase downstream competition, strengthening the country’s oil and gas sector. Time and again, South Africa experiences an LPG shortage, however, since the commencement of the Saldana Bay facility, LPG has not seen any shortage. This facility can store up to 200 000 t of LPG, 57% of South Africa’s annual LPG demand. The Saldanha bay plant is the largest open-access LPG import and storage facility in Africa, and operates on an open-access model. Therefore, this will facilitate the entry of new players in the LPG industry, creating more competition in the market.

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