Genset manufacturer with in-house distribution network

Cummins is able to provide customers with a broad range of power solutions. Moreover, it differentiates itself from many of its competitors due to its robust distribution network. The company owns its distribution channels in many key African markets, or has very strong joint venture (JV) partners. What this means for customers is a “one-stop shop” not just for products, but also for service provision. The company’s distribution network, which comprises highly-skilled staff, caters for all customer needs, from acquiring a 17 kVA unit to installing a 20 MW power station. The company is not only able to provide upfront application engineering support, but project execution from start to finish, in addition to aftermarket service. The company is currently investing significantly in its African distribution network, with Nigeria, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Angola and East Africa being focus countries at present.

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