Green energy cuts veterinary clinic’s energy costs

The Panorama Veterinary Clinic and Specialist Centre has reduced its electricity grid usage by 17% through the use of alternative energy generation recently installed by Energy Partners Home Solutions. The clinic, which offers a 24 hour emergency service, had previously been paying at least R20 000 per month in electricity costs. In addition, their consumption often exceeded their breaker limit which caused power outages and sporadic tripping of the power supply. This is currently the only facility to offer specialist surgical services in the Western Cape, which is why restoring power reliability and saving on operating costs were imperative. A 25 kW three-phase SMA inverter and 17, 2 kW polycrystalline solar panels have resulted in reduced municipal electricity bills by an average of R3565 per month with CO2 emissions cut by about 25 t per year.The team was able to increase the electricity supply capacity of the clinic by up to 25% during peak solar production, thereby eliminating future power outages due to overloading.

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