Guard against unsafe protection

Millions of sub-standard, Unsafe electrical products for sale and installed in residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout South Africa. Unscrupulous and negligent suppliers make these products available at great risk to users who buy and install them despite compulsory specifications to protect users.

Some circuit breakers meant to protect electricity users against faults in their systems are themselves of compromised design and materials to reduce cost and do not meet the safety and performance standards.

SAFEhouse offers the following tips to avoid purchasing sub-standard circuit breakers:

  • Buy from reputable distributors and outlets.
  • Beware copies of prominent brands.
  • Beware suspiciously low prices.
  • Query a lack of information on or with the product packaging.
  • Ask the supplier for references to other users and contact them.
  • When dealing with an electrical contractor, ask for proof of registration and about its membership of the Electrical Contractors Association ECA. Contact the ECA in your region to check credentials.
  • Be critical of a suspect installation or of Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) that are issued too easily.
  • Ask the supplier to prove compliance with regulations.
  • Look for certification marks such as SABS, VDE and UL. (The SABS mark is not a substitute for an LoA).
  • Beware fraudulent use of certification emblems such as the SABS mark.
  • A CE mark is not proof of independent testing and not necessarily proof of conformity.

Contact Barry O’Leary, SAFEhouse, Tel 011 396-8251,

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