Hands-on training in lightning and surge protection

DEHNacademy, the training wing of DEHNAfrica, recently ended an almost year-long period of hands-on training for a group of nine second-year students from Wits, who had spent 2017 at the company before returning to study again this year.

Established in 2014, the academy offers practical knowledge and skills in the fields of lightning protection, surge protection and safety equipment, offering customer-specific seminars as well as a two-point CPD accredited seminar entitled “A comprehensive approach to lightning protection” for engineers and consultants. The workshops are both industry and application specific, including training in photovoltaic systems, wind power, petrol stations, LED lighting, the mining industry, hazardous locations and earthing and bonding. The students began their training with theory, using the company’s Lightning Protection Guide. They completed various assignments and then continued their training at various partner companies for field experiments.

Contact Hannes Ackermann, DEHNAfrica, Tel 011 704-1487, hannes.ackermann@dehn-africa.com

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