Helping a utility optimise efficiency

Schneider Electric South Africa, the global specialists in energy management and automation, recently hosted a technology day in partnership with Eskom to showcase their newest technology, and highlight various solutions to help the utility optimise efficiency in their plants in the future. Key to the success of the day was understanding Eskom’s biggest challenges, as Schneider Electric works to build a long-standing partnership with the utility. Navigating through these challenges together, issues around cybersecurity and modular installations formed the foundation of the day’s discussions as Schneider Electric offered a number of solutions to future-proof Eskom’s operations. For the Eskom team, it was exciting to get to explore some new and different views from Schneider Electric, while learning innovative ways of doing things. Eskom is always open to innovation and new technology, and it has become critical for it to explore how its cybersecurity is being managed.

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