Helping electrical professionals spot problems faster

Flir Systems have announced six test and measurement products arriving later this year, including two digital multimeters and a clamp meter that feature infrared guided measurement (IGM). Powered by the Lepton microcamera thermal core, the DM166 and DM285 digital multimeters and the CM275 clamp meter feature a built-in screen to show heat caused by electrical faults, allowing professionals to find issues faster and more safely. All of the company’s electrical test and measurement products offer features that allow professionals to efficiently test and troubleshoot electrical, electro-mechanical, and heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems. These thermal imaging products offer the added benefit of visualising heat and highlighting temperature anomalies on a built-in display. Whether facing cluttered wires, complex panels, or clogged condenser coils, IGM guides users without requiring any direct contact with the test site, increasing both speed and user safety. Each product has a rugged, drop-tested design and carries a ten year warranty on both the product and the thermal detector.

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