High-power and zero-emission motor

Renowned yacht builder Frauscher Shipyard has launched a clean, silent electric version of its 740 Mirage Air powered by Torqeedo’s Deep Blue 100 kW electric inboard motor and two lithium batteries. The craft is the ideal day cruiser. Owners can cruise silently at 10 km/h for more than ten hours. At its top speed of near 50 km/h, the craft has a range of 33 km. The whisper-quiet motor was specifically designed and constructed to power planing motorboats.

The system’s reliable, easy-to-maintain direct-drive design delivers extraordinary performance at its full power range, with up to 2400 rpm and incredible torque delivered at low rpm. The 40 kWh batteries feature industry-leading energy density and a comprehensive safety system. The company has tailored the characteristics of the battery to make it suitable for the marine environment and is offering up to a nine-year limited battery capacity warranty.

Contact Tess Smallridge, Torqeedo, tess.smallridge@torqeedo.com

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