High-speed induction motor rotor refurbished

LH Marthinusen recently conducted extensive refurbishment of a rotor from a 8800 kW, 6000 rpm induction motor used in a power generation application. The aging motor, which drives a pump feeding water to a boiler in the power plant, was brought to the company’s main repair facility in Denver, Johannesburg for assessment last year after it had failed. Full non-destructive tests were carried out on all the rotor’s components and it was found that the insulation had degraded requiring a total rewind. The original fan assemblies were first 3D-scanned and then new units manufactured from the scanned data using five-axis machining technology. In order to establish the integrity of the rotor body structure a complete finite element analysis was undertaken. Finally the rotor underwent a high-speed balancing test to confirm its operational integrity. Throughout the refurbishment process the high precision design specifications had to be adhered to ensure complete integrity to the finished product.

Contact Boris Breganski, LH Marthinusen, Tel 011 615-6722, borisb@lhm.co.za

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