High voltage DC contactors

Gigavac’s HX Series of extended performance impervious ceramic (Epic) hermetically sealed high voltage DC contactors are the smallest UL508 approved contactors for 1000 V hot switching. Since first introducing the Epic seal in 2006, Gigavac sealed contactors have become the preferred choice for any application requiring sealed switching. Utilising this seal means these high voltage contactors exceed sealing requirements of IP67 and IP69. Going beyond hermetic sealing, the HX series can withstand the rigors of virtually any harsh environment, whether underwater or in the desert sun. The HX series of high voltage hermetically sealed contactors are particularly suited for inverter systems, battery packs and combiner boxes in solar or wind power systems. Additionally, the HX series is ideal for EVs with high voltage battery systems, such as high-performance electric vehicles, electric buses and electric trucks. The HX Series now includes packaging options with the HX21, HX22 and HX200.

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