Historic HVDC link to be upgraded

ABB has received an order from Transpower New Zealand to upgrade its high-voltage direct current (HVDC) link which interconnects the transmission grids of the country’s North and South islands. The link is a vital element of the country’s transmission system and is used as an energy-balancing system, between the two islands. The company will use its Ability Mach control system, which acts as the brain or nerve centre of the link will be a key component of the upgrade.

The scope of the project includes a valve upgrade of pole 2 consisting of capacitors, fiber optics and valve control units based on the latest control system. The upgrade, to be finalised in 2020, will be carried out in a manner that minimises impact on the grid and the power-trading market. The more than 600 km long North-South HVDC interconnection enables efficient transmission of clean power to areas of high demand. The link also plays an important role in the country’s electricity market by allowing power trading between the two islands.

Contact Shivani Chetram, ABB South Africa, Tel 010 202-5090, shivani.chetram@za.abb.com

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