Home automation at decor expo


ElectroMechanica will display the latest in home automation and wireless radio frequency technology at Decorex Joburg 2017 from 9 to 13 August. An important aspect of the expo is connectivity, with local homes featuring a large number of electrical appliances. With the help of Hager’s KNX automation systems, South Africans can now take control of their home security, comfort, efficiency, and energy independence from anywhere in the world. This is where ElectroMechanica’s association with Hager comes into play. The group is a leading supplier of solutions and services related to electrical installation systems for residential and commercial properties and industrial applications. Hager’s KNX will make life easier for South African homeowners. For example, you can switch off all lights, close the blinds, and switch on the alarm system with a push of a single button, or via your smartphone.

Contact Samu Hashe, ElectroMechanica, Tel 011 867-7763, prassistant@ngage.co.za

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