Hydrogen energy storage solution for renewables


Hydrogen is emerging as one of the most viable and effective storage solutions for renewable energy in many key industries, including the transportation and power sectors. RTS Africa Engineering, the sole agent for Nel Hydrogen, a Norwegian company which has been at the forefront of hydrogen production through water electrolysis since the 1920s, has been responsible for installing, maintaining and supporting Nel Hydrogen electrolysers since taking on the agency in the mid-1990’s. For its part, Nel Hydrogen manufactures electrolysers for large-scale hydrogen production, as well as for hydrogen storage to store surplus renewable energy.



The company has installed more than 850 electrolyser units around the world. In 2014, Nel Hydrogen acquired the Danish company, H2Logic, the world’s leading developer of hydrogen refuelling stations. With hydrogen technology, excess power from renewable sources can be fed to electrolysers to generate hydrogen, which can be stored and then used to generate energy when needed.

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