Implementing a thermography maintenance program


It is said that mplementing a preventive maintenance program is easier than it has been before with Fluke Connect EquipmentLog history. Developed to help Fluke customers work faster and smarter, the Connect EquipmentLog helps reduce equipment downtime and costs. Fluke Connect’s added feature, ShareLive video call, keeps the facility running facility running by sharing critical data, answers and additional work approvals instantly without leaving the inspection site.  This unique feature is currently not available with any other infrared camera on the market. The Fluke Professional series of thermal imagers are ideally suited to tackle a thermography maintenance program with features like: Ti450’s MultiSharp Focus (100% focus for every object, near or far); LaserSharp Auto Focus’ built-in laser distance meter (which calculates, displays distance from designated target with pinpoint accuracy); Ti450 SuperResolution, 4x pixel data (captures mul­tiple images, combines to create 640 x 480 image); IR-Fusion technology (gives the context of the visual and infrared details in one precisely blended or picture-in-picture image); and interchangeable smart lenses (2x and 4x telephoto and wide angle).

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