Improving productivity and sustainability

Operations within the mining, petrochemical, construction, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries that use compressed air equipment are confronted with numerous hazards daily, often resulting in varying degrees of injuries and in some cases fatalities. Although there are a number of underlying causes of these accidents,  improperly maintained air compressors is one of the common causes of equipment-related injuries. In light of this, proactive maintenance not only plays a significant part of the safety of operations that use compressors, but also an important role in the productivity and sustainability. Rand-Air, market leaders in portable compressed air and power generation rental, understands that for an air compressor to perform at optimum, regular services and preventative maintenance is essential. It is for this reason that businesses are advised to rent equipment as opposed to buying – this ensures a preventative maintenance approach and eliminates the stress of reactively maintaining equipment when the need arises.

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