Inaugural MENA Climate Week – Side Event March 28

This MENA Climate Week Side event will discuss the potential of carbon pricing policies in the circular economy toolbox to drive decarbonization. Side Event MENA CLIMATE WEEK
The circular carbon economy has gained attention across the Middle East and beyond since the G20 endorsed the concept in 2020. To achieve sustainability through the circular economy, a mix of policies and measures will be needed that incentivize shifts in industrial practices, technological deployment at scale as well as consumer behaviour.
Carbon pricing policies, including carbon markets, can provide such an impetus if included in the policy toolbox. The adoption of Article 6 at COP26 has already incentivized the markets. The MENA region is well-positioned to explore market measures as part of their climate change strategies as embodied in their NDCs to promote and deploy new and emerging technologies to manage emissions while still consuming fossil fuels in the foreseeable future. Some experts note a multibillion-dollar untapped market opportunity in the region to benefit from carbon pricing policies and measures, which can be partially delivered by carbon capture storage and utilization, renewable energy, and low carbon hydrogen mega projects deployed in the region.
This MENA Climate Week Side event will discuss the role and potential of carbon pricing policies and measures in the circular economy toolbox to drive decarbonization at scale. It will showcase examples of leadership in the region, existing and future opportunities, and challenges that may arise in the face of decarbonization efforts in the context of the circular carbon economy and climate measures and its long-term effects on economic and social development March 2022 28 Sign up today, this event will sell out! REGISTER <> <> *Copyright © 2022, Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition *
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