Insulation week 2018 adds insulator flashover data to new technical brochure

The Study Committee responsible for insulation studies (SC D1) held its Insulation Week at Stellenbosch University recently. The event began with a plenary session with a summary of the progress on all the D1 Work Groups. The session was attended by Stellenbosch University’s power engineering research students and academics as well as other active Cigré members from Germany, China, Sweden and Switzerland. The plenary session was followed by a tour of the Stellenbosch engineering laboratories which was led by Prof. Johan Vermeulen. The rest of the Insulation Week comprised of marathon meetings working on the various aspects of the Work Groups mandates.

Plenary meeting is session.

WG D1-61 (corona detection and measurement)

Currently, the electric power industry uses various corona detection cameras used for online high voltage (HV) equipment condition assessment. There is however no basis for comparing measurements taken using different types of cameras. The Insulation Week meetings for D1-61 mainly involved collating and analysing data from round-robin tests conducted in Brazil, USA, Switzerland and South Africa.

WG D1-50 (altitude and atmospheric correction factors for air gap and clean insulators)

This WG gathers and synthesises the state-of-the-art knowledge base which will inform the revision of the existing, and outdated, standards which prescribe how to determine altitude and atmospheric correction factors for HV systems and equipment design and tests. Major achievements of the Stellenbosch meeting were the completion of the exercise of critically reviewing the draft chapters of the Technical Brochure (TB). Highlights of WG findings thus far include confirmation of the need to harmonise various altitude and environmental correction standards such as equipment standards (IEC60137 for bushings, IEC62271-1 for switchgear, IEC61869-1, IEC60044-1 and IEEE48), the insulation coordination standards (IEC60071-2) and the laboratory test standards (IEC60060-1).

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