Introducing science careers to Cape’s young minds

The 2017 Eskom Expo boasted 732 entrants (a combination of individual and group projects) across 24 categories from 56 different schools – ten of which have never participated in the Eskom Expo before. The entrants compete for bronze, silver and gold medals, and the chance to go through to the International Science Fair in October 2017. There are also three bursary-type prizes up for grabs, as well as special prizes in each category. The Eskom Expo exposes bright young minds to observe the world around them, ask questions about what they see and figure out how to fix problems that we face in society – and then share those ideas with fellow learners and judges who have forged careers across various scientific disciplines. Exhibitors including the Department of Water Affairs, the University of Cape Town’s (UCTs) Chemistry Department, and the Centre for High Performance Computing will give the learners a glimpse into exciting careers in science.

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