Island goes green

One example of a distributed energy system implemented by Siemens was for the Italian energy utility company Enel on the Mediterranean island of Ventotene. The approach taken by Siemens to solve the island’s power issues was to install a Siestorage type battery storage system. All the components were integrated directly into the island’s power network, permitting more economical and efficient operation of the entire energy system through the use of a smart controller. The system stabilises the frequency and voltage of the local grid by using integrated converters. The scope of supply also included the transformers and low-voltage switchgear. With an area of 153 hectares, the Mediterranean island of Ventotene is located some 100 km south of Rome and is not connected to the Italian national grid. The island’s power supply formerly relied on four diesel generators and a number of solar photovoltaic systems. Today, interaction between the storage, generation and consumption of power is ideally adapted to the current requirement at all times by the smart controller for the island network, which was developed in cooperation with Enel.

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