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Professor Douglas Boateng, CEO of PanAvest International and Partners will deliver the keynote address at the 5th Annual Young Professionals (YPs) Sustainability Imbizo to be held on the 15 – 16 August at the Accolades Boutique Venue, in Midrand.

The Sustainability Imbizo is the brainchild of Consulting Engineers South Africa’s YPs aimed at empowering them with the best leadership experience embracing general aspects of leadership, community activism and engineering professionalism.

Boateng, Africa’s first ever appointed Professor Extraordinaire for supply and value chain management (SBL UNISA), is an International Professional Chartered Director and an adjunct academic. His extensive global influence has extended into the areas of value chain strategy (international and local); operations; engineering and management; procurement; logistics strategy; e-commerce; total quality management; business process outsourcing;  international business development; corporate governance and director development; and business strategy.

Independently recognised as one of the vertical specific global strategic thinkers on procurement, governance, logistics, and industrial engineering in the context of supply and value chain management, he continues to play leading academic and industrial roles in supply chain strategy development and implementation, both in Africa and around the world.

The imbizo provides a dynamic platform for built environment and engineering YPs in the public and private sectors to discuss pertinent issues relating to all aspects of delivery and maintenance of infrastructure and engineering projects. It also seeks to establish and maintain structures for YPs to become role-models for school learners as well as providing coaching and mentoring opportunities for YPs from senior infrastructure professionals.

The imbizo offers a number of benefits to YPs through the following objectives:

  • Empower Young Professionals with best leadership experience embracing objectivity, community participation/activism, professionalism and promotion of engineering principles.
  • Establish and maintain organisational structures for YPs to act as role models for school learners and for senior infrastructure/engineering to mentor YPs.
  • Provide solutions to skills development and retention by the public and private sectors. Without engineering skills, there will be no provision for water, housing and road services but abject poverty, inequality and unemployment will prevail.

Topics to be covered include the future of public sector consulting engineering in Africa, building the Africa of tomorrow, developing engineers in and for the South African context,  strategic public participation, professional registration and mentorship, and policy regulations.

Contact Dennis Ndaba, CESA, Tel 011 463-2022,

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