Koeberg launches desalination plant

Eskom’s Koeberg nuclear power station has launched a mobile groundwater desalination plant, which will take care of the station’s water needs, thereby easing the pressure on the City of Cape Town’s water supply. The company says the desalination plant is part of Koeberg’s three-pronged water management strategy which includes reducing the power station’s daily water usage, keeping adequate on-site water storage and looking at alternative water supplies (groundwater and sea-water). The company says it has saved approximately 115 000 kl since June 2017, compared to previous averages.  This equates to the City of Cape Town supplying 10,5 kl of water to approximately 11000 houses for a month. Koeberg has an installed capacity of 1860 MW, which provides approximately 5,6% of South Africa’s energy needs. The desalination solution was therefore important to ensure continuity of supply. Furthermore, Koeberg saves 22-billion l of fresh water per annum as its condensers are cooled by means of sea water, which is returned to the sea after use.

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