Koeberg’s Unit 1 shut down for routine maintenance

Unit 1 of the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station was shut down on 26 February for a refuelling outage. The unit is expected to return to service at the end of May. Koeberg Unit 2 is currently operating optimally and is contributing 930 MW to the national grid. Every 15 to 18 months a unit is shut down for refuelling, maintenance and statutory inspections. Outages are scheduled to avoid having both units out of service at the same time.  During these routine outages, one third of the used nuclear fuel is replaced with new fuel. Maintenance, plant modifications, inspections and statutory work is done to ensure that international safety standards continue to be met and that reliable plant performance continues. Unit 1 currently holds a record of running for 400 days without being interrupted, a milestone that was achieved in December 2017. Koeberg, Africa’s only nuclear power station, has an installed capacity of 1860 MW, which provides approximately 5,6% of South Africa’s energy needs. It has operated safely and efficiently for 33 years.

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