Koeberg’s Unit 2 back online

Eskom reports that Unit 2 of the Koeberg nuclear power station has resumed sending power onto the national electricity grid after a planned outage which lasted for 36 days. This was the second shortest outage performed in the station’s history. The shortest outage was a 32-day outage on Unit 1 in 1999. Koeberg was offline for maintenance and refueling. This required the reactor to be shut down as not all work can be done while the unit is in operation. During this time, about one third of the fuel in the reactor core is replaced with new fuel. According to the power station’s manager, the work, which involved approximately 15 300 activities, following strict protocols to ensure that the unit runs reliably until its next refueling outage were safely executed. During Unit 2’s outage, Unit 1 was operating at 100% power output. It will take a few days for Unit 2 to get up to 100% reactor power as several tests need to be performed as it increases in power output.

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