Largest substation in a decade

Nearing its final months of completion, the Sebenza 400/275/88 kV substation constructed and project managed by Consolidated Power Projects (Conco) for City Power, will be the biggest substation to be built in South Africa in the past ten years. It will also be one of the main intake substations in the north eastern region of Johannesburg, making it one of the country’s hubs that is set to stimulate much needed economic growth. It has been built with expansion in mind, and is intended to increase in capacity from 315 MVA to 1000 MVA. This will dramatically improve reliability and stability of the grid. Part of the Sebenza project involved Conco having to upgrade and make additions to both Prospect and Kelvin substations, which included installing four sets of reactors and new switchgear on some of the main feeders at Kelvin. Two of the Kelvin bays have been completed, with the balance only becoming available once the Sebenza substation is energised.

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