Launch of multiple styled solar roof tiles


midsummer-201-01-2017Electric vehicles maker Tesla Motors recently presented a much-awaited solar roof product developed with SolarCity. The tiles are made from quartz glass and solar cells. The solution will cost less than a traditional roof when the expected utility bill savings are taken into account, the company says. The solar tiles are one element of a three-part solution, including also energy storage and electric cars. Midsummer’s Sven Lindström’s wrote an analysis “Solar on houses needed for 2020 target” recently where he says the future of urban solar energy lies in integrating PV into roofing materials and facades already at the factory. Lindström says that because Tesla has shown its ability to produce electric cars successfully, he is confident that PV roof tiles will be so successful that roof material manufacturers that do not have a PV solution maybe need to re-think their business model.

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