Leak detection based on thermal imaging

Video analytics company IntelliView has developed a smart camera solution to remove labour-intensive monitoring of pipeline network integrity. At the heart of this is FLIR thermal imaging technology. As a result, oil and gas operators typically apply a multi-layered, multi-technology approach to early leak detection, and this method is proving particularly effective. IntelliView’s leak detection solution is the Dual Camera Analytic Module (DCAM), a compact combination of visual and FLIR thermal cameras with built-in proprietary leak analytics, wireless connectivity and automatic climate control. Within its field of view, the DCAM can see oil leaks as small as 0,36 m from a distance of up to 60 m. The software then automatically analyses the event based on user-defined leak parameters and, if a critical condition is determined, an alert notification with image and video is generated for instant verification.

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