[Legal]Climate Contract Playbook and Green Paper of Model Laws (The Chancery Lane Project)

The Climate Contract Playbook and Green Papers of Model Laws, put together by The Chancery Lane Project, are now available for download:

The Project
The [*Chancery Lane]* Project is the code name for the focused and collaborative effort of UK lawyers to develop new contracts and model laws to help fight climate change.
Our *mission* is to create contracts and model laws to enable communities and businesses to fight climate change and achieve net zero carbon emissions for a 1.5 degree world.
We will achieve this through collaborative problem solving. Challenging barristers, solicitors and legal academics to invent the legal conditions to help shift to renewable energy, reduce energy usage and create new carbon sinks. These conditions will help achieve the UK Government’s 2050 net zero goal.
The principal activity of the Project will be to curate and host a legal ‘hackathon’ during national pro bono week. Striking the balance between thinking and doing, the project will deliver real output and solutions to share with the world.
Our independence from any one professional body or practice creates professional and political neutrality, allowing a new conversation to happen and a freedom to innovate.
Submit your ideas or pledge to get involved today for a better tomorrow. *#TCLP[11]*

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