Lenses for infrared cameras

Infrared inspections often involve analysing temperature variations on something extremely small or too far away to see the needed detail with standard lenses. Two lenses for Fluke infrared cameras bring those worlds into sharper focus. The 25 micron macro lens can identify defects that might otherwise be too small to see on targets like PCB boards. The 4x telephoto lens gets users a four times magnified view of a target at a distance, so targets like a high electrical line or a tall flare stack can be easily inspected. The two lenses expand the Fluke portfolio of lenses for select infrared cameras of 320 x 240 resolution and under. The Fluke portfolio of lenses now includes standard, wide angle, macro, and 2x and 4x telephoto lenses—all precisely engineered germanium optics. All these lenses are easily exchanged between compatible cameras without the need to send the lens and camera back to the factory for calibration, eliminating the cost and downtime caused by shipping and additional calibration.

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