Lidar for bankable offshore wind measurements


Leading wind measurement experts gathered in London claimed that lidars have been replacing met masts to become the sole wind measurement tool used for offshore resource assessment and power curve verification purposes. These experts stated that lidar technology had over the years fully proven its ability to provide wind measurements as reliably as met masts. They also claimed that lidars are faster, easier and much cheaper to deploy, enabling significant development and operational cost reductions. At a seminar hosted by Leosphere at the Offshore Wind Conference 2017, top wind measurement experts explained that years of successful lidar validation campaigns and strong competitiveness have led industry leaders to choose this technology over met masts for offshore wind feasibility studies as well as power curve verification tests.  Today, lidars are commercially ready and already used in major projects around the world. It’s a trend that is going to continue both offshore and onshore, even in complex flow sites.

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