Light band technology: Single sensor for all objects

Based on continuous, homogenous light band, Wenglor’s new retro-reflex sensors can also reliably detect objects with irregular or asymmetrical shapes. With three models for different light band heights, high levels of user friendliness and special logistics functions, Wenglor provides an economically efficient and easy to use solution. This results in improved productivity, increased system availability, more flexible production and reduced costs. Retro-reflex sensors with light band P1EL 100 (27 mm light band height), P1EL200 (42 mm) and P1EL300 (54 mm light band height) have been developed as two-dimentional light barriers with homogenous laser light band. They recognise objects with various shapes or perforated surfaces – even dark, transparent or glossy objects are accurately detected – at a range of up to 1,6 m. Beyond this, smart functions integrated into the sensor such as suppression of uneven conveyor belt areas through the use of dynamic teach-in and dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold, as well as the very narrow housing with a width of just 27 mm, offer tremendous application and installation advantages.

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