Liquefaction production plant launched


South Africa’s first continuous hydrothermal liquefaction plant was launched at North-West University (NWU) on 16 March 2017, which will result in the production of bio-oils, bio-char, biochemicals and biogas. The plant is one of the outputs of the Department of Science and Technology (and the National Research Foundation-supported South African Research Chairs Initiative (Sarchi), particularly of the the Biofuels Sarchi at NWU headed by Professor Sanette Marx). The plant can process dry plant matter, or ligno-cellulose biomass, in water feed of 150 l/h at a residence time of 10 min, the highest capacity of its sort currently. The plant is designed to operate at 350°C and pressures of 100 bar. The plant at the North-West University was designed, constructed and commissioned by Mass and Heat Transfer Technology (MHTT), a design and engineering company based in Johannesburg, founded and owned by Christo van den Heever and Pieter van Staden, both alumni of the NWU’s School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering.

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