Locally guaranteed home solar solutions

ARTsolar is South Africa’s only locally owned solar panel manufacturer. Its solar PV is manufactured on a bespoke, Swiss-designed production line controlled by in-house PVflow MES software and is CE, SGS-TÜV, and SABS certified. Panels available to dispatch include: 100 Wp polycrystalline modules; 150 Wp polycrystalline modules; 330 Wp polycrystalline modules; 350 Wp monocrystalline modules (full black); and 280 Wp monocrystalline modules (full black).

The company’s locally guaranteed home solar solutions include: 5 kVA home solar solution from R69 500 incl VAT (installation quoted separately); and 350 W portable solar solution from R8499 incl VAT (installation not required). The company has brought the experts in-house with numerous projects under their belts who can provide information on any installation requirements one may have, be it residential or business.

Contact Art Solar, Tel 031 705-7162, sales@artsolar.net

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