London becomes largest city to endorse Fossil Fuel Treaty

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Hi from a swelteringly hot London!
And when I say hot, I mean hot. This week London has been forecast to hit a record temperature of 40°C (104°F). And, as many of you reading this will know, it is not just London and the UK experiencing this extreme heat – most of western Europe is forecast to be stuck in a “heat dome” for the next few weeks, the meteorological phenomena which caused extreme temperatures and bushfires in western Canada last northern hemisphere summer.
And if that isn’t enough for us Brits to have to cope with, we are currently watching a Conservative leadership contest – which will result in the winner becoming the next UK Prime Minister – in which all the candidates seem to place little regard on combating the climate emergency the planet and its people face, despite the fact that the UK Government will continue to be COP President until COP 27 in Egypt in November.
But all is not doom and gloom! The Fossil Fuel Treaty campaign’s network of supporters continues to grow, with the Methodist Church of Great Britain recently voted to endorse the Treaty and, as you will read below, London recently became the largest city in the world to endorse the Treaty. And last week Hastings became the latest UK Council to vote to endorse the Treaty.
Over the next weeks and months, we will be growing the Treaty campaign in the UK, looking to get more towns and cities on board as we ratchet up the pressure on the UK Government to show real climate leadership by committing to stop the planned expansion of fossil fuel extraction and embark on a just transition to create an economy and society based on renewable energy and energy efficiency. And we plan to support activists and campaigners doing the same in countries across the world, but particularly the global south.
Ken Penton Advisor, UK Campaign for the Fossil Fuel Treaty team
On 27 June, London <> became the largest city to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. As the city faces both the climate crisis and a social crisis caused by soaring energy prices, Mayor of London and Chair of C40 Cities, Sadiq Khan <>, said: “As many national governments around the world dither, cities have a responsibility to act and to show what’s possible. We are the doers, not the delayers. The main cause of the climate emergency is fossil fuels so I’m calling on cities around the world to follow London’s lead and to commit to phasing out their use.” He expands on this in his op-ed for City AM <> .
The endorsement was followed by an international panel at London Climate Action Week <> where city leaders from Montreal, London and CC35 – a climate network of Latin American capitals – shared the measures they are implementing to translate their Fossil Fuel Treaty endorsement into concrete actions to put an end to cities fossil fuel addiction.
Canadian capital Ottawa <> passed its own motion in support of the Treaty, which will be complemented by the Mayor’s call upon the Prime Minister and Premier of Ontario to follow suit.
Also endorsing last month were Albany County <> and the City of Bethlehem <> in New York State as well as Port Moody <> and the Islands Trust in British Columbia, Canada. Hastings <> in the UK also carried their motion across the finish line. A huge thank you to all of the campaigners and councillors who helped bring these motions across the finish line. Learn more about how you can get your city on the Fossil Fuel Treaty map <> . —————————— HEALTH PROFESSIONALS CALL FOR FOSSIL FUEL TREATY Health professionals and organisations have initiated a letter calling for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty in order to protect current and future generations. Their letter outlines how burning fossil fuels presents severe threats to human and planetary health as well as the specific human and occupational health risks associated with every stage of fossil fuel operations.
The letter is currently open for signatures <> and will be launched in the coming months. Details to follow. —————————— STOCKHOLM+50 CONFERENCE CLOSES WITH FOSSIL FUEL PHASE OUT RECOMMENDATION
A full synopsis <> of the Treaty team’s activities at Stockholm+50 was shared earlier this month but some key products that came out of those activities were:
– A video featuring key moments <> during all Treaty activities – The publication of Fuelling Failure: How coal, oil and gas sabotage all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals <> – A major action with youth <> in the Main Hall calling for a Fossil Fuel Treaty – Dozens of Right Livelihood Laureates <> including the Treaty in their demands for Stockholm+50 – Eight panel events from our Pre-Summit <> covering all aspects of the just transition from health, biodiversity and international cooperation (see recordings <> ) – Dozens of global mayors and councillors <> call for the Fossil Fuel Treaty
—————————— FOSSIL FUEL ADDICTION SUBVERTS EVERY SINGLE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL Last month marked the publication of our latest report Fuelling Failure: How coal, oil and gas sabotage all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals <>. It digs into how oil, gas and coal production and emissions are a primary threat to our water, health, biodiversity and ability to provide economic and energy security.
The paper was produced by researchers at the University of Sussex on behalf of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative and more than a dozen key civil society partners. Several joined for the report launch <>, which is available to view online.
A full communications pack with graphics <> is available and we welcome everyone to reshare our content on Twitter <>, Instagram <> and Facebook <> . —————————— NEW COLOMBIAN LEADERSHIP COULD BE TURNING POINT FOR FOSSIL FUEL DEPENDENCE Ahead of their landmark win, Gustavo Petro and his running mate Francia Marquez released an inspiring platform based on the principles of climate and gender justice. Their platform includes proposals for a new economic model shifting away from fossil fuels production.
Working with local and regional allies we supported the launch of global expressions of support for this vision with the Colombia Sin Fosiles <> statement.
In his victory speech, Petro turned to other progressive leaders in Latin America, urging them to end their countries’ dependence on fossil fuels as a part of their plans for achieving economic and social justice. The potential implications would be a welcome shift as highlighted by Nathan in his joint op-ed for Aljazeera <> .
Colombia will continue to be a priority country for the Treaty campaign’s work moving forward, led by our fantastic partners at CENSAT Agua Viva, AIDA, Alianza Colombia libre de Fracking and the Laudato Si Movement. We hope to share more ways you can offer solidarity to these visionary movements building a fossil fuel free world in the coming weeks. —————————— IN THE MEDIA
The London endorsement was picked up by multiple global outlets including businessGreen <>, edie <>, the Energy Mix <> and MSN UK <>. Canadian capital Ottawa successfully moved its motion on the Fossil Fuel Treaty through its environment committee. The vote goes to council this month. Articles included Ottawa Sun <>, News AKMI <> and Ottawa Citizen <>. The final passage of the motion was picked up by Common Dreams <> and the Energy Mix <> .
Tzeporah Berman joined the Outrage + Optimism <> podcast with Christiana Figueres, Tom Carnac and Paul Dickinson noting that “Hope is not something we have. It’s something we create.” They dove into why we need big and bold ideas like the Treaty to turn statements into real action. ​​​​​ Follow on Twitter <> Follow on Facebook <> Follow on Instagram <>
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