Maintaining VLA batteries properly


The solution to vented lead-acid (VLA) battery maintenance and optimal functionality is an electrolyte battery monitoring system. Midtronics’ Cellguard ELS+ electrolyte battery monitoring system is small, can be easily installed and requires no maintenance. Sensor wiring is daisy-chained without a return path wire, and sensors are attached to the battery case with an adhesive foam padding. The device triggers an alarm for low electrolyte levels, temperature exceeding set thresholds and power loss to the sensors. The unit can be integrated with commonly commercially available data collection systems and is compatible with VLA batteries of any voltage, size or design as long as the case is not opaque. The device increases safety by reducing the number of times a person has to be in close contact with the batteries and with battery acid. It increases reliability of the battery and protects a company’s large investment.

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