Manufacturing low voltage assemblies in SA

What ever happened to “Proudly South African”? I think what has happened is that certain business sectors, particularly engineering, were faced with first world standards and competition, it’s as the old saying goes, “When you’re up to your backside in crocodiles, it’s difficult to remember that the initial plan was to drain the swamp!”

We’ve become ‘individualists’, ‘every man for himself’ type mentality, so much so that we’ve lost sight of the future.

As an Independent LV Panel Manufacturer, our future looks bleak!

I was reminded of this recently when my colleague and I visited SABS/NETFA testing facility at Olifantsfontein and were confronted with an ‘eerily’ quiet, national test facility with a few people sitting around and various test equipment in a state of disrepair, nothing was happening, it was like a ghost town!

We have become so pre-occupied with trying to compete with the mandatory European standards as they apply to Europe, rather than manufacturing LV electrical assemblies within our own capabilities, based on these adopted IEC standards!

It is my firm belief that we find ourselves in this situation, because we as an industry have not stuck together for the common good of the entire industry and have lost sight of our own capabilities, facilities and resources!

We need to go back to the days of sanctions, not for the same reasons mind you, but rather to stimulate these underutilised and dormant facilities and resources to Proudly manufacture on our own terms again, in conjunction with the applicable IEC standards.

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