Mariana Mazzucato on New Economic Approaches – a stimulating video interview

Mariana Mazzucato on New Economic Approaches
[image: Anton Cartwright] Anton Cartwright • 1st Economist, researcher at African Centre for Cities, Director Credible Carbon, pluviophile, pronoiad 4d • 4 days ago Its time to talk about “conditionality”. Not that ogre that the World Bank and IMF gave us with structural adjustment loans in the 80s, but the conditions that democratically elected governments place on the massive bailouts they are now providing. What you do and don’t bailout is a true test of economic policy. Governments can only make these calls consistently if they have a vision (get one now!), and if they have the courage, impartiality and confidence to tell companies (whether SAA or tech start ups) to come back to them with more ambition and a better offer in terms of what they are doing for society in exchange for the cash. Get it right in this bailout phase and then get it right in all budget spends. To go back to where we were before, socially, economically and environmentally would be a form of Stockholm Syndrome. We are lucky in South Africa to have Mariana Mazzucato on our advisory panel, but now its time to walk the talk. #economicpolicy #fiscalpolicy #southafrica Mariana Mazzucato on New Economic Approaches
Mariana Mazzucato on New Economic