Medupi’s last unit, Unit 1, synchronised to the grid

Eskom recently announced that Medupi’s Unit 1 produced power for the first time on 27 August 2019 at 17h36, generating 190 MW, making it the last of the six of the Medupi Power Station’s units to be synchronised to the national grid. The synchronisation process ensures that the new generating unit is aligned with all other generators already on the grid. It will then start to generate and deliver electricity into the grid over several months. During this testing and optimisation phase, Unit 1 will be delivering power intermittently; and will ensure the country has stable electricity supply. The next step will be the testing and optimisation of the unit which then results in it being able to generate full power. Once Unit 1 has attained full power, it will be a step closer to reach commercial operational which occurs within six to nine months after first synchronisation.

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