Meeting the challenge of loadshedding

Cummins says it has a full range of alternative power solutions available, from a small 17 kVA genset for residential or commercial use, all the way to a 3750 kVA unit for industrial applications. In addition, its energy-efficient engines not only comply with international emission standards, but also have a high fuel tolerance level, which makes them ideal for arduous African operating conditions.

The company also recently introduced its HSK78G natural gas generator series which produces 2,0 MW from a 78 l engine. The series of generators are designed to provide reliable power, regardless of the natural gas source or the climate, including extreme heat up to 55°C and extreme altitudes. The generators offer electrical efficiency of up to 44,2% at 50Hz on a wide range of pipeline natural gas down to 70 methane number (MN) without impacting power output and efficiency.

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