Micro-grid energy management system for Maldives

Toshiba recently announced that they have won an order to supply the micro-grid energy management system (μEMS) to the “Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development (POISED)” project in the Republic of Maldives from Nishizawa, a Japanese general trading company. The system will start operation in Hithadhoo Island of Addu Atoll in 2020. Almost all of the Maldives’s current power generation capacity is from diesel generators.

The government of the country, which faces a crisis of rising sea levels due to global warming, is promoting the introduction of solar power systems to realize a low carbon society and to reduce the fuel cost for power generation. As one of the promotion, the government has already installed solar power systems in the Hithadhoo Island in 2017. Since the island has an independent power grid, μEMS that maintains a balance between the supply and demand of power including solar power is necessary for the island to operate the solar power systems more efficiently.

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