Micro-ohmmeter generates 300 A

HV Test offers DV Power’s first handheld micro ohmmeter which generates regulated DC current up to 300 A. The RMO-H is ideal for a number of applications for contact resistance measurements of non-inductive test objects in both field and factory testing environments, with a user-friendly interface, allowing the user to set and start a preferred test by use of an intuitive keyboard and menu design. Typical applications are testing of circuit breakers and disconnecting switches, high-current bus bar joints, cable splices, welding joints, brazing points of motor terminals, etc. The series consists of three models with ranges of 100 A DC, 220 A DC and 300 A DC respectively. The devices generate a ripple-free DC test current which is user selectable and generated in an automatic regulated test ramp. This revolution in handheld micro ohmmeters technology is achievable by use of Li-Po batteries, which enables the user to make multiple measurements and complete a full day’s work of testing without a battery recharge.

Contact Liz da Silva, HV Test, Tel 011 782-1010, marketing@hvtest.co.za

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