Mild 48 V hybrid vehicles developed


Vehicle emissions regulations for 2025 and 2030 are unlikely to be met by conventional vehicle technology as applied to most vehicles beyond small cars. Using hybrid and pure electric powertrains involves considerable expense and delay and often totally new platforms. However, an intermediate technology has reached an exciting stage which can incrementally improve traditional powertrains. By replacing the alternator with a reversible 48 V electric machine and adding a larger 48 V battery will allow much more braking energy to be regenerated. The electric machine can provide torque boost, facilitating considerable downsizing and down-speeding of the internal combustion engine. We call it the 48 V mild hybrid. Not only will it allow cars, trucks and buses to meet the impending regulations, it can be incrementally improved with new parts such as electric superchargers, pumps, airconditioners, etc. The improvements – new forms of which are being announced all the time – permit the 48 V mild hybrid to have increased acceleration, quiet start stop, near-silent electric take-off and other improved driver experiences.

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