Mini oval wheel flowmeter for tight spaces

Instrotech has on offer a space-saving device for original equipment manufacture (OEM) users – Kobold’s DOE oval wheel flowmeter for low and high viscous liquids. Featuring a full stainless steel body and temperature measurement for fuel consumption, the DOE offers different pulse output options including one to measure pulsating flow from, for example, peristaltic pumps. The DOE measures different viscosities up to 1000 cP with an accuracy of +/-1% of reading under reference conditions. The DOE finds application for all viscous, non-abrasive clean liquids like fuels (petroleum, diesel, oil), grease, pastes, chemicals, inks, and water. It is also able to accurately measure (+1% of reading) the fuel consumption of small aircraft, motor boats and mobile power generators. Stainless steel flowmeters are suited to most products and chemicals, whereas the aluminum meters are suitable for fuels, fuel oils and lubricating liquids. Due to an optional measurement of temperature using PT100, even high accuracy fuel consumption measurements are possible.

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